Combi Ring Advanced is a fangame created by fickleheart where Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit team up to stop whoever the evil bad guy will be this time. There will be a plot eventually. Authentic Sonic physics mean that traversal is just as much fun as every other Sonic fangame, but the added dynamics of the Combi Ring add a new challenge as you navigate the duo past obstacles.

  • Use the power of the Combi Ring to thrust, swing, and fling your way to victory!
  • Venture through 0.4* sprawling stages, with a combination of 2D pixel art and low-poly 3D, reminiscent of the DS generation of games.
  • Play cooperatively with a friend via online play** and team up together.

* As of the current demo. Final stage count subject to change.

** Online play is still in an early stage of development.

This game is in the early stages of development. Stay tuned for further updates! If you’d like, you can also follow me on Twitter, where I’ll also post updates (among all the other stuff I get up to).

Combi Ring Advanced is created with a custom game engine built on top of the LÖVE framework.