Hi! I made this blog with the spare time I had after finishing the SAGE demo. Right now there are a lot of links to the showcase page that don’t work for people other than me, but those should be working by the time the expo starts. In the meantime, I put some screenshots and a writeup up on the site.

I plan to use this as the official Source of Truth™ for future info about the game. I might post smaller snippets, like individual screenshots of WIP stuff, to Twitter or something, but I’ll try to at least collect those every so often for this blog. And although I’m not much of a writer, I might also post some behind-the-scenes stuff now and then too, if I find it interesting!

If you want to keep up with updates, subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed. Actually, do people still use RSS readers? (What even is a good reader nowadays?) Well, I’ll try to post updates to my personal Twitter or something too, but that’s not exactly a clean feed either… hm. I’ll figure something out if people want updates.

As thanks for checking out this blog, here’s a screenshot of another level I started on after the demo. Maybe it’ll be ready by next SAGE?

Beach level!