An update to the SAGE demo is available! Get it on the Downloads page!


  • Reverted Windows copies to love2d 11.2
    • As far as I’m aware this has no ill effects, and allows Switch pro controllers (over bluetooth) to bind all buttons including the screenshot button
    • If new issues related to the framework appear in this demo, try running the .love package against 11.3 and see if the problem persists
  • A new tutorial is added
    • Completion of the tutorial is mandatory before playing the main demo level
  • Controller support is improved:
    • Gamepad controls are now bound by default. A=jump, B/X=attack, R=hold, L=recall
    • Supported gamepads (including DS4s, Switch pro controllers, and Xbox-style gamepads) should now show proper button icons
    • Allow aborting a control change by clicking the mouse on the screen
  • The main menu has a drastic visual overhaul, with its own music (useful when adjusting game volume)
  • Minor things:
    • Removed the SAGE logo
    • Amy and Cream now have pushing animations when pushed against a wall, mostly for the sake of the tutorial
    • Debug mode now allows freeflight by holding Attack and Recall simultaneously
    • Added a bunch of functionality that isn’t visible to the end user yet, but will be used in future demos